Thomas Henry Ussery and Mary Ann Sebers

Thomas Henry Ussery was born Oct 18, 1826 in Tennessee to Peter Ussery and Dianna Adkisson. He went to Missouri about 1839 with his parents. He
was united in marriage March 30, 1849, Greene Co., MO, with Miss Mary Ann Sebers. He homesteaded land in Dallas Co., MO in 1859. The 1860 U.S.
Census shows that Thomas Ussery with wife Mary A. and children Henry M and Mary D. (aged 10 and 8), living in Benton Township of Dallas Co., MO. His
occupation is given as blacksmith. Mr. Ussery died Aug. 5, 1860, according to Mrs. Mildred Champman, a descendant who provided the names and dates
for Thomas and his family. His widow remarried. Thomas and Mary's children were:

Henry "Red Mart" Martin Ussery
Mary Diane Ussery b: Mar 27, 1852 d: Dec 29, 1918
Benjamin Peter Ussery b: Sep 11, 1854 d: Sep 12, 1857
Joseph Greene Ussery b: Nov 1, 1856 d: Sep 16, 1857
Sarah Jane Ussery b: Apr 1, 1859 d: Apr 5, 1859
Thomas Benton Ussery b: Jan 19, 1861 d: Dec 5, 1934 mar: Centha Hargis m: Nov 20, 1880 in Webster Co., MO

(Source Usry Bul # 7 page 6)


Henry "Red Mart" Martin Ussery and Miss Adeline Hargis
Henry Martin Ussery was born March 16, 1850 (probably in Missouri) to Thomas Henry Ussery. Martin is said to have had red hair and was called "Red
Mart" to distinguish him from his uncle, Martin V.B. Usery, who had black hair and was only six years older. He was united in marriage abut 1866 with Miss
Adeline Hargis , who was born Aug. 12, 1850, and died May 9, 1922. They had about 10 children. In the 1880 U.S. Census, the family was living in Rush
Creek township, Wright Co., MO. Mr. Ussery died March 29,1926 and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Wright County, MO. Their children:

Infant daughter
John Henry Ussery b Feb. 6,1869; d. March 1923 Ft. Worth, TX mar. Mandy Jane Smith.
Thomas Abner Ussery, b. apr 29 1871;See Below
Mary Jane Ussery, b. abt. 1873; died in Colorado married Barteau (Barto) Anderson
William Peter Ussery, b abt 1876, MO; died abt 1945 MO
Martin Abraham Ussery b Mar. 30, 1880; d. Aug 19, 1942
Albert Ussery b. abt. 1883; died in Kansas
Charles Hughston Ussery, b. May 9, 1883; d. 1962 Calif.
Tecumseh Ussery, b. abt 1889; lived in Boise, Idaho
Benton Monroe Ussery, b. Mar. 29, 1892; d. Feb. 23, 1959, MO
(Source Usry Bul # 7 page 6)
Thomas Abner Ussery: Before I had this child listed as "Abner Ussery, b. 1871- went to Texas". I believe I have found some additional info on him. In the
1900 Weld Co., CO census he is listed with his sister Mary Jane Anderson who was married to Barto Anderson. Listed in the household is Thomas A.
Ussery, bro-in-law b Apr 29, 1871 with wife Ida A.A. (who I believe is Adellea 'Ida' Allen) b. apr 25, 1875 in MO and their daughters Doshia b. Jun 3, 1896
and Nove M. b Feb 1900 (name hard to read).


John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith
John Henry Ussery was born Feb 6, 1869 in MO to Henry "Red Mart" Ussery . He died in Marchr 1923 in Ft. Worth, TX. He married Mandy Jane Smith. Only
information on Mandy is that she died in 1928. They had the following children:

Alma Edith Ussery mar. Leonard Maynard who may have died in Lubbock
Alvie Marie Ussery mar. Earnest Carter July 4, 1926 in Denton Co., TX
Ezra Abner Ussery mar. Flora Maynard
Perry Arthur Ussery
William Henry Ussery
James Harmon Ussery b: Feb 25, 1895 in Denton Co., TX mar. Omie Stubblefield
Franklin Abraham Ussery
Alice May Ussery b: Feb 6, 1906 in Denton Co., TX mar. N. Wilkerson d: in Denton, TX?
Sylva Adeline Ussery b: Jun 16, 1915 in Denton Co., TX
Mary Ussery

Usry BOOK #29 pg 26


Franklin Abraham "Abe" Ussery and Ruby May Maynard
Franklin Abraham Ussery was born to born Mar 7, 1904 in Wright Co., MO to John Henry Ussery . He died on Jan 29, 1997 in Lubbock, TX. He married
Ruby May Maynard. Abraham came to Texas from Missouri, through Denton/Grapevile, TX and settled in Lubbock where he worked as a blacksmith. They
had the following known children:

Dola Francis Ussery b: Mar 1, 1926 in Tarrant Co., TX mar. Charles E. Zara
Gene Tuney. Ussery b: Aug 18, 1928 in Lubbock, TX mar. Rose Laverne "Buddy" Stewart
J.D. Ussery b: Jul 4, 1930 mar. Vona Lou White
Henry A. Ussery mar. Faye Elmore
Bennie D. Ussery b. 14 Sept 1936 mar Joyce Ann Willingham 2nd wife: Diane Moore
Gerald Junior Ussery mar. Francis Dunn
(Source Rebecca Ussery
Usry BOOK #29 pg 26


William Peter Ussery and Maude Gray Davis
William Peter Ussery was born around 1876 in Missouri to Henry "Red Mart" Martin Ussery. He died in 1945 in Missouri. He married Maude Gray Davis who
was born around 1879 Missouri and died around 1939.

They had the following known children:

Paul Foster Ussery b: Dec 19, 1894 d: Jul 25, 1957 Sacramento Co., CA
Othur Ussery
Clifford Ussery
Foster Ussery
Eva Ussery
Beulah Ussery
Charles Ussery
Ruth Ellen Ussery
Letha Ussery b: 1904 d: 1959
Joe Ussery b: 1909 d: 1963


Charles Hughston Ussery 1883- 1962
Charles Hughston Ussery was born May 9, 1883 in Wright Co., MO. He was united in marriaged January 25, 1906 in Wright Co., MO with Miss Belle Allen.
The family moved to California about 1920 and lived near Bakersfield. Later, he lived at Waterford, CA. He suffered from sugar diabetes in his later years
and is reported to have died in 1962. His children:

Ollie Hughston Ussery, b. Feb 9, 1907; d Apr 2, 1952
Arlie Ussery, b. Mar. 21, 1909; d Aug. 24, 1930
Charlie Hollis Ussery, b. May 8, 1911
Ernest Ussery b Nov. 1, 1913
Delta Usseery b Aug 25, 1917
Finley Harlan Ussery b May 16, 1922